You: Wait a minute… didn’t you already say that you were coming out with new games, and it never actually happened, right?

Us: We know what you mean. But in all seriousness, we are coming out with new games by the summer of 2014! This includes games like

Knavesmire – A medieval action game where you take the role of a lone traveler who has been deserted by their family. Explore, discover, fight epic battles, and make new friends.

Swindle – A futuristic side-scroller game, where you take on the role of Jack Swindle – a man who recently escaped his unfair jail sentence, and seeks revenge from the man who murdered his mother.

ADRENALINE :: extreme paintball – With this FPS style paintball shootout, you can host servers, create clans, play with your friends, and RELEASE YOUR INNER MADNESS!

We hope that this satisfied your guys’ want of games, and we hope that you all are as excited as we are about the future that this holds.




Okay… you probably have realized by now that our games have sorta been put on hold. This is just because our lead developer – Roger Vitek – got sidetracked with another project called “Redwall :: The warrior reborn” If you haven’t seen this (its Redwall – the video game), check it out here:

If you don’t know what Redwall is, Redwall is an adventure series written by the marvelous author Brian Jacques. It ranks #2 in most popular books/books sold, behind Harry Potter.

Redwall is a little bit like Diablo with mice.

We had a kickstarter for this project, and it got overfunded with $15,000+ money to get the project going.

Thank you to all who supported this project, and the game should be coming out in summer of 2014.


New employees

We have currently employed 3 more people to work for our company.

A new game Titled “Knavesmire” should be coming out in summer of 2013 some time. It will be a storyline/choose your own adventure type game.                 **EDIT** The new game will not be Knavesmire, that will come out later. The new game will have a different name.



MuricateLabs is a company that uses Java 6 & 7, HTML5, and occasionally C++. We make products such as simple video games, converters, and other software. In the near future we also hope to be creating O.S.’s (operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, or Linux Debian), or more complex (3d) video games. We also create plugins for Craft Bukkit, and mods for Minecraft.

We also run a minecraft server at the IP of:

MuricateLabs is a fairly small company so far, so please show your support by subscribing to our e-mails, and checking out our youtube channel by MuricateMonkey: